1 thought on “Jim talks with Margaret McQuillan, author of “An Orange in Winter”

  1. Margaret McQuillan has written a truly important book for both teachers, their students, and the parents of those students. It includes many opportunities for rich discussions about bullies, empathy, tenacity, and respect…as well as intended cruelty. I personally heard Margaret talk about the story in her book, using it as a stepping-stone to discuss her father’s and grandfather’s heart-felt history of their experience in the Holocaust. Her book included the presence of some young and older heroes who risked their own safety to protect the lives of Jews.
    As she pointed out, Margaret’s story is also relevant today with the obvious rise of antisemitism in our world today.
    Thank you for hosting this meaningful and timely writer. More high schools should invite her into their classrooms. I was fortunate enough to listen to an eighth-grade classroom discuss the content of “An Orange in Winter” with Margaret. It was remarkable with regard to the sophisticated level of understanding and the reality of the this part of the often forgotten part of our history….and possible tool as a deterrent in our present and future.

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